Memory reVITALIZER has been used in two blinded-studies where the improvement in memory capacity was often  realized in as little as one month.  The 20WRT (20-word-recall-test) was one of the memory instruments used in these studies.  Please note there are eight different  lists to discourage memorization, and to allow a subject to take the test numerous times to measure change in memory capacity.

Subjects will be presented with an oral list of 20 one- or two-syllable words at two-second intervals  and afterwards asked to recall as many of the words as possible, in any order, within two minutes. The maximum possible score is 20 and the overall average for those taking the test is 6.86 words.

The administrator tells the subject: “I am going to read 20 words. Listen carefully and repeat the words after me. When I am  finished, you must repeat back as many words as you can remember in any order you wish. This is a somewhat difficult test, so do not be discouraged if you cannot recall very many, just give it your best guess.  Are you ready?”

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