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Memory reVITALIZER® is a truly unique dietary supplement. It is result of many years of research and development by an actual medical physician and researcher – William K. Summers, MD. The composition of ingredients is so unique that it has been granted a US patent.

Initially it was formulated as a supplement to aid adults in thought clarity and for senior memory problems (CRS); but, in recent years, our product is also being used by adults for other benefits such as improved general health, immunity, stamina/energy, cardio health, memory health, cellular health, and anti-aging.

For over two decades customers have enjoyed the health benefits of Memory reVITALIZER.

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“ I have been taking Memory reVITALIZER for three months and it is helping my mental clarity.  I feel stronger and in a consistent good mood.  Great Energy!”
-D.H.,  Littleton, CO

More Results

“I have been taking Dr. Summers product Life Imagined for many years. I started taking is as I was aging and loved the idea that Dr. Summers created this natural product after creating the first Alzheimer’s drug. A couple of times, I allowed myself to run out so that I could have an experience of how I would feel without it. In both cases, my body let me know that it missed having it daily and both times, I quickly resumed taking the product daily. I can’t say enough about it. It is obviously helping me in numerous ways including energy and stamina levels and much more. I highly recommend Life Imagined/Memory Revitalizer to anyone seeking to boost their health!”
-Karen,  Albuquerque, NM

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FDA Quality

In two, FDA approved, blind research studies, with an Institutional Review Board(IRB), reVITALIZER® demonstrated a significant improved memory capacity in volunteers using a paired associative and immediate recall test.

Special Formula

The Formula contains a full spectrum of dietary supplements that benefit students, adults and seniors.


The daily grind of work and activities tend to drain the energy or stamina of most people. With Memory reVITALIZER® , customers are able to turn back the clock a little easier.

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